Power-Pole Blade "One-Motor"
Power-Pole Blade "One-Motor"
Power-Pole Blade "One-Motor"
Power-Pole Blade "One-Motor"
Power-Pole Blade "One-Motor"

Power-Pole Blade "One-Motor"

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Introducing the new Power-Pole ONE Pump, strong enough to power dual shallow water anchors smoother and quieter than ever before. The ONE Pump is our most advanced hydraulic system featuring our most powerful brushless motor, along with upgraded circuit board and valves. Our Dual Anchors ONE Pump package will be available on all Blade model anchors.

  • Operate Dual Anchors with a Single Pump
  • Weight (40% Lighter)
  • Less AMP Draw (41.6% More Efficient)
  • Saves 50% of the Space in the Boat
  • Reduced Install Time
  • Quick-Release Mounting Bracket
  • Manual Pressure Release with Drop Stop Safety Valve
  • Built-In Drive Off Protection
  • Upgraded Circuit Board
  • Extremely Quiet

The Power-Pole Blade Edition: STRONGER, SMOOTHER, and BETTER THAN EVER. Bringing your vessel to a halt in up to 10 feet of water with pinpoint accuracy, thanks to our integrated C-Monster GPS-based network. NOW AVAILABLE with our most advanced hydraulic pump to date — Power-Pole ONE Pump. The ONE Pump is strong enough to power dual shallow water anchors faster and quieter than ever before. The Dual Blades ONE Pump package is available on all Blade model anchors — including the NEW BLACK OUT Edition (available exclusively with ONE Pump packages)

Engineered for the most demanding conditions, the rugged Everflex® spike is virtually indestructible, seamlessly stowing itself into the pocketed design of this aerodynamic-inspired model with swift, silent efficiency. Maximize your on-water adventures with our Blade Edition shallow water anchor – a testament to toughness and optimized for durability. Step up your game and harness the power of the Blade Edition today.

  • Fastest stopping time
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Soft Close System
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Reinforced stern bracket
  • Available up to 10ft in length
  • Marine grade powder coated finish
  • Down and away deployment
  • Built-In drive off protection
  • Quick and easy installation
    Dual Blade ONE Pump Includes:
  • (2) Blade Anchors
  • (2) ONE Wireless Remotes
  • Mountable Remote Cradle
  • ONE Dual Anchor Pump
  • HD Hydraulic Hoses
    Individual Blade Pump Includes:
  • 2-button key remote
  • Advanced Dash Switch
  • Upgraded Hydraulic Pump (HPU)
  • HD Hydraulic Hoses


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