Abbreviated Warranty Policy: 

For those of you that automatically skip over large blocks of texts, here is the TL;DR version. All warranty claims and replacements can be handled in person at our Lakeland facility. Otherwise, you will need to ship us the rod (address below), pay any applicable replacement fee and/or return shipping HERE, and we send a replacement once those first two steps are completed. For full details, please see the full warranty process below.

Full Warranty Policy:
Good News! All Bull Bay Rods are covered by a limited lifetime warranty!
Thank you for purchasing a Bull Bay Tackle Company Fishing Rod! Your business is very important to us; please refer to the following for details regarding our warranty & replacement process.
Bull Bay Tackle Co. will warranty the purchased rod from all manufacturer/workmanship defects found present in the rod, including components. No product registration or receipt is necessary. Your rod serves as its own proof of purchase.
What our warranty DOES cover:
· Any issues with components, such as grips, reel seats, or guides that occurred through normal use. (Damaged guides do not warrant a rod replacement, we repair/replace any damaged guides on our rods for free. Please see the repair section below.)
· Defective rod blanks – if you believe your rod has a defective blank, our staff will inspect your rod once received and determine if a defect is indeed present.
(*Please note – defective blanks will typically break one of the first times it is used. If your rod was broken on first use, we may require a proof of purchase date. If a rod breaks after it has been used several times, and caught several fish, it is highly unlikely to be defective.)
Our warranty does NOT cover any rods under the following conditions:
Modified, neglected, improperly maintained, abused, rods used not for their intended purpose, cosmetic issues, or customer fault non fishing related incidents. We also no longer warranty any new orders with Winn Grips as their deterioration is a known issue. * IF YOU BREAK THE ROD ON PURPOSE TO CLAIM WARRANTY YOUR CLAIM WILL BE DENIED AND BLACKLISTED FROM FUTURE WARRANTY CLAIMS*
All rods that do not fall under the warranty mentioned above are still eligible to be replaced with our replacement fee. We know accidents happen or rods break over time due to incidental damage and normal wear and tear, therefore normal production models can be replaced with a $40 replacement fee (custom rods and TAC-X have a $60 replacement fee as they typically require substantially more work and more expensive parts).
To begin warranty or replacement process:
All warranties and replacements can be handled locally, in person, at our Lakeland production facility. Otherwise, your rod will need to be shipped to our facility by following the steps provided below (the customer is responsible for any shipping costs incurred, including return shipping).
Components that can be repairs include guides, grips, and reel seats. The most common repairs are guides and tip tops. If you are local, feel free to bring your rod by our Lakeland Facility anytime. If you are not local, you may also consider using a local rod repair to do the repair for much cheaper than shipping us the rod. Please note - rods will not be replaced with a new rod due to a broken guide We repair any and all guide issues. If the blank breaks, please look at the full replacement process. If you wish for us to repair your rod, please use the following process:
1.) Package your entire rod in an appropriately sized tube or box. Make sure your tube is less than 96” in length (Packages longer than 96” are subject to substantial oversize fees from shipping companies).
2.) If you are shipping us the whole rod for repairs, please make sure the rod is securely packed. Bull Bay will not be responsible for any rods that arrived at our facility broken. If a rod does arrive broken, we can still process the replacement with the applicable replacement fee.
3.) Along with your rod, include a note that details the issue you are experiencing with your rod along with your name, contact information (email preferred), return address, and any other pertinent information.
4.) For payment, please visit our Online Payment Page to pay any associated costs. For warranty claims(repairs), this would be $30 for return shipping only.
If you believe your rod is defective or the blank broke and you need a full rod replacement please see the steps below.
If you believe your rod is defective, it will be inspected by our staff. If the rod does not appear to be defective, it will require the replacement fee to get replaced.
1.) If a rod is beyond repair, you can carefully CUT THE ROD INTO MULTIPLE PIECES to fit in a small box or envelope to save on shipping costs, however please mark the original break location with tape so it can be inspected for QA purposes.
2.) Along with your rod, include a note that details the issue you are experiencing with your rod along with your name, contact information (email preferred), return address, and any other pertinent information.
5.) For payment, please visit our Online Payment Page to pay any associated costs. For defective rod claims, this would be $30 for return shipping only. For full rod replacements, this would be $70 for normal production rods ($40 replacement fee + $30 return shipping) or $90 for custom rods and TAC-X rods ($60 for custom replacement + $30 return shipping).
 *You may use your shipping carrier of your preference to ship us a rod, however, Bull Bay will not be responsible for damaged or lost packages prior it arriving here. Please consider shipping your rod with a method that uses tracking and insurance incase either of these cases occur.
*Return shipping fee covers any shipping within the continental United States. For return shipping outside the continental U.S., please contact us to determine return shipping costs.
*All warranties and repairs will be done with the same care and consideration that we give all our products, typically we can process a warranty within a few business days after receiving your rod and have a replacement shipped out quickly. In the event that we are out of stock of your model, we will contact you.
*If your rod is a discontinued model, it will be replaced with an updated model that is as close to the original as possible.
Please ship all warranties to:
Bull Bay Tackle Co.
611 School House Road
Lakeland Florida 33813
*If online payment for a warranty replacement and/or return shipping has not been received at the time a rod arrives, the customer will be contacted to provide payment prior to any rods being shipped back out.
**Bull Bay Tackle Co. reserves the right to refuse replacement through warranty or the replacement fee if a rod is found to have been modified, neglected, improperly maintained, or abused.

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if you have any specific warranty questions, concerns, or if you need us to contact you directly regarding a warranty claim please use the contact form below. Please be sure to include your rod model (including model name, length, and rating) and please be descriptive of your issue. Simply stating that you have a warranty or broken rod will result in a link that take you back to our warranty page for more information.