My rod was damaged in shipping, what do I do?

Unfortunately, that happens sometimes, no matter what carrier we use or how well they are packaged. We are sure you are disappointed; we are as well having to deal with something that is out of our hands. Not to worry though because we will get you taken care of. Contact us at and give us your name, order number, and a picture of the damaged rod and box. We will send you a return label, simply put the rod back in the box, add the return label and drop it off. Once we receive the damaged rod, we will get a replacement sent back out as quickly as possible.

When will my order be shipped?

Online orders will typically be shipped within 1-2 business days. Orders placed Friday – Sunday will likely be shipped on Monday.

How long does shipping usually take?

Standard shipping typically takes around 1-3 days for most orders. If you need your order to arrive sooner, please contact us about overnight and other shipping options.

What carrier do you ship through?

Currently we ship all of our rod orders through UPS. All other items, such as shirts, hats, cups, etc. will be shipped through USPS.

My tracking information still shows my package is in “Pre-shipment” with USPS. What does this mean?

The tracking information for USPS does not always update properly for some reason. We assure you, your package has left our facility, even if the post office tries to tell you otherwise. It is an issue with their tracking software. Typically when this occurs, the package is delayed longer than usual. But don’t worry they always arrive, albeit later than initially expected.

Does standard shipping cover Alaska and Hawaii?

No, the standard shipping only covers the continental U.S. There will be an additional charge for shipments going to Alaska or Hawaii.

Do you ship internationally?

No, currently we only ship within the U.S.



If I order a rod online, can I pick it up in person?

Absolutely, there should be an option available at checkout for pick up orders. We will contact you when your order is ready, and they can be picked up any time during our normal business hours.

Do you offer a military or first responder discount?

We sure do! Any active or retired military, or first responders are eligible for 10% discounts on all our products. To get the discount, simply call us at 863-937-3292 and we can get your order placed over the phone with the discount added. Or, email us at and we can send you a discount code to use online.

I ordered online, how can I return or exchange something?

Any online orders can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. If we sent a wrong item accidentally or if an item arrived damaged, just let us know, we will cover the return shipping and get the correct item sent to you. If you need to return or exchange an item for other reasons, we will gladly process your request, however the customer will be responsible for the return shipping and any subsequent shipping charges, if applicable. Keep in mind, all returned or exchanged items must still be in "new" condition. Any items that appear used or dirty will not be accepted for returns or exchanges. If you are electing to return an item, a refund will be granted for the price of the item once the item is received. 



Do your rods come with a warranty?

Any legitimate Bull Bay Rod, both production models and custom rods, come backed with a limited lifetime warranty. You can find all of the details about our warranty and replacement process at

Does your warranty cover accidental breaks?
Slammed your rod in a car door? It’s your lucky day because we will still replace rods even when they are broken accidentally. We ask that you tell us the truth about how a rod broke, it doesn’t affect the replacement, we just need to know if we need to look into why it broke or not. Trust us, we have heard some crazy stories!

Do I need to keep my receipt or register my rod for warranty?

If you purchased your rod from a dealer, I would suggest holding onto the receipt just incase you decide you want to return or exchange it at the store you purchased it through. For warranty purposes, we do not require a receipt or any product registration. Your rod serves as its own proof of purchase, so do not throw it away.

Does your warranty cover any lost or stolen rods?

Unfortunately, as great as our warranty is, it does not cover any lost or stolen rods. You need the physical rod to make a warranty claim, so if it is lost or stolen, we will not be able to get you a replacement.

Can I bring a warranty to one of your dealers?

We prefer that you handle any warranty claims directly through us. We leave the decision to handle our warranties up to each individual dealer. Some will and others do not. Our Bull Bay Rods headquarters will always accept any warranty claims.

My rod broke, how do I know if it was defective?

We try out best to identify any defective rods before they go out the door, but some squeak through. Typically a defect in the rod blank will cause the rod to break one of the first times it is used or put under significant stress. Breaks caused by defective rod blanks will typically be very clean breaks, not frayed or having stress cracks running down the blank from the break site. If your rod breaks one of the first times you used it, (under normal circumstances obviously) then it is likely defective and we will replace it for free.

I take really good care of my rods, why did it break?

Graphite or carbon fiber rod blanks, while extremely light and sensitive, is susceptible to incidental damage and breakage over time. Incidental damage occurs when you probably didn’t notice and is not usually visible. Tiny micro fractures can sometimes occur in the rod blank when it is hit by another object such as a ceiling fan, a lead weight, someone accidently steps on it, or even if it slides down a counter and bumps into the trash can. You check the rod and everything looks good. A few months later, as the rod has been used several times, and those micro fractures slowly grow, eventually they get bad enough that the rod breaks. This is the culprit most of the time when someone brings in a rod and says, “it broke while casting” or “it broke on a small fish”. You’re right, the rod probably did break in the middle of casting or while reeling in that 20” snook, but it was damaged days, weeks, or maybe even months ago which led to it finally breaking.

What do I need to include with my warranty rod?

If you are sending us a warranty rod to be repaired or replaced, there are a few things you will need to include. In addition to the rod, please attach a note with your name, return address, contact info(phone number and email). Instead of including a check, we now have an way to pay for your warranty online here. Please do not send cash in case the package is damaged or lost. If you are within driving distance, we always recommend bringing a rod in person to negate the risk of a rod breaking in shipping.

Do I really have to ship the whole rod to you?

Yes, for repairs obviously we will need the whole rod intact. Please be sure to package it securely, as shipping companies seem to like to break fishing rods. Bull Bay will not be responsible for a rod that arrives broken.

For warranty replacements, you are still required to send us the whole rod. In order to help with shipping costs feel free to cut or break the rod into multiple smaller pieces and mark the original break location with tape so it can be inspected. That allows for a rod to be shipped in a smaller tube, box, or envelope.

Will having someone else repair a guide on my rod void the warranty?

No, if you are not local, in most cases it will probably be less expensive for you to use a local rod repair professional. While we will always repair guides at no cost, the cost of shipping us a rod plus return shipping is usually much more expensive than having a local rod repair professional replace a guide for you. In cases of simple repairs like this, we will not void the warranty.



Is there a difference between the Sniper and Stealth Sniper rods?

Yes but just one, the Sniper rods have cork grips, while the Stealth Sniper rods have black EVA foam grips. Other than that, they are completely identical.

What is different about the Bolt rods?

Visibly, the Bolts are seafoam green and have a different grip/reel seat system than our other inshore rods. Performance wise, the Bolt rods are made with our highest modulus blanks, making them slightly lighter and more sensitive than our other inshore models.

What is the difference between the Brute Force Boat rods and the Brute Force Tarpon rod?

While they share the same name, these rods are designed for entirely different purposes. The Brute Force Boat rods, both the conventional and spinning versions, are made with e-glass/carbon composite blanks. They are very durable and your prototypical offshore rods that can be used for bottom fishing, trolling, etc. The Brute Force Tarpon rod is made of graphite and designed primarily for fighting Tarpon, Huge Snook, Cobia, and some pelagics. It is not recommended for bottom fishing. Bottom fishing with a standard graphite rod puts the blank in a compromised position which greatly increases the risk of breakage. 

 What sets the Assault Rods apart from the other inshore rods?

The redesigned Assault rods are our heavier duty inshore rods. They come with double foot guides, full cork grips, and a blank that has slightly thicker walls. We highly recommend these rods for charter captains or anyone that is a little rough on their rods, or wants a little more durable rod.

Which rod is right for me?

There are several factors that go into that decision. Our Assault and Reel Animals rods were designed for people doing both live/cut bait and artificials. The Sniper, Stealth Sniper, and Bolt lines were designed around throwing mostly artificials, but can also be used for live/cut bait when needed. The Banshee rods have extra fast tips and are best used with artificials. When choosing a length, the longer rods will cast farther but less accurately, while the shorter rods cast more accurately but lack the distance you get from a longer rod. The power rating would be based on the fish you are targeting and the size of the lures or baits you are using. 

Is the line rating for mono or braid?

The line ratings on our rods are for monofilament. While you can exceed this line rating with braid, we do not recommend overly exceeding. For instance, our 6-12# rods we recommend up to 15lb braid, our 8-17# rods we recommend up to 20lb braid. With advances in drag systems in new reels, pairing a reel that has 40# of drag with 40lb braid on a rod rated for say 10-20# line creates a situation where the rod is the weak point and will fail before the reel or the line.



Do custom rods come with the same warranty as the production models?

Yes they do, the only difference is the replacement fee on customs rods goes up to $60. This is to help off set the increases costs of parts and labor that most custom rods have.

What kind of custom rods do you make?

We do a large range of custom rods, from something as simple as adding a name or company logo to rods, to doing painted blanks, and custom choices for blanks, grips, reelseats, guides, etc. You can make a rod that is truly one of a kind.

How much do custom rods cost?

Our custom rods are still very affordable with a base price of $250. The more custom it gets, the higher the prices will be. If you have any questions about custom rods, feel free to call the shop or email our customer service.

How long does it take to build a custom rod?

Customs typically have a lead time from 3-6 weeks depending on how busy we are. We will usually tell you approximately how long it will be when an order is placed. Ordering custom rods with painted blanks or other custom parts may increase this lead time depending how long it takes to get these parts in.

How does payment work for a custom rod?

There are a couple difference when it comes to purchasing a custom rod. Customs require a 50% deposit when the order is placed, with the remaining balance being due upon completion. Online orders for custom rods only have the option to pay in full. In the event that you cancel a order for a custom rod, a full refund can be given if the order has not been started yet. Once an order has been started, the 50% deposit portion becomes non-refundable.

What happens if the custom rod is not what I was expecting?

We go over all the details of a rod when placing an order to make sure the customer is getting exactly what they were wanting. Even still, every once in a while, the end result is not quite what the customer was expecting, or they decide they no longer want it. If the rod was built to the specifications provided by the customer, and since the 50% deposit is non-refundable, then only 50% of the cost can be given as a refund if that is the avenue the customer choses. In the event that the rod was not built to the provided specifications, we will take full responsibility and rebuilt the order correctly.