Bate's  Reels "The OG"
Bate's  Reels "The OG"
Bate's  Reels "The OG"
Bate's  Reels "The OG"
Bate's  Reels "The OG"

Bate's Reels "The OG"

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Get ready to turn back the clock with Bates Fishing Co.'s latest masterpiece, the "O.G." This ain't just any old reel; it's a throwback to the classics, a nod to the original baitcasters that sparked our fishing passions. But don't let its vintage vibes fool you; the O.G. is built with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to ensure top-notch performance. With a fully machined frame, like the rest of the Bates lineup, the O.G.’s round, 100 size exterior houses a set of guts and gears nearly identical to our popular Hundo model. For the swimbait enthusiasts and all you anglers trying to best the world’s light tackle records, we did suit the O.G. up with a set of brass gears, but please . . . for now, lay off the tuna and larger gamefish. Even a reel as tough as your grandaddy has its limits. With gear like O.G. that seamlessly blends nostalgia with innovation, you’re bound to hook into a new memory or two good enough for some shoebox full of polaroids. So, if you're yearning for the good ol' days on the water, upgrade to the O.G. and experience the best of both worlds.


  • 100 sized frame
  •  Weight 5.3 OZ
  •  Brass main and pinion gear 
  • CNC precision cut 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum one-piece-body
  • 10+2+1 bearings 
  •  29” per crank line pickup (7.1:1) 
  •  88 mm aluminum crank arm
  •  Double Anodized (Saltwater Safe)
  • Custom neoprene reel case
  • 14 lb Drag
  • Magnetic Braking 
  • Mono Line Capacity: 14 lbs / 100 yds, Braided Line Capacity: 30 lbs /100 yds

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