Sniper-XR Rod
Sniper-XR Rod
Sniper-XR Rod

Sniper-XR Rod

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The Sniper-XR takes our proven Sniper line and upgrades key areas including Cerecoil Titanium "bend back" guide frames which have an interchangeable ring insert that allows anglers the ability to repair guides on spot! 

Target your favorite inshore or freshwater species with more confidence than ever! The Sniper-XR is built in our Lakeland Florida headquarters using top of the line components including the all new CERECOIL titanium guides which have a replaceable insert on every guide (excluding tip) which can also be bent and return to original form! Featuring an ultra sensitive 36 ton blended graphite blank, high grade two tone cork grips, and carbon fiber insert reel seat w/ergonomic shaping. 

Perfect to pair with: 2500 up to 4000 size spinning reel


  • 100% carbon fiber blanks designed with a 24/36 ton carbon blend for the perfect blend of sensitivity and durability
  • Graphite reel seat with double locking nut and carbon insert for enhanced sensitivity
  • REC Cerecoil Guides - flexible titanium nickle alloy frames with replaceable ceramic rings
  • Standard BBR round hook keeper
  • Ideal for freshwater or inshore saltwater anglers looking for a lightweight all around rod capable of throwing a wide range of lures and live bait when needed
*The TAC-X & TAC-XR rods were designed and are assembled only at our Lakeland, Florida Headquarters*

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